I am happy to say that I’m working with LAST GASP PUBLISHING to create a book of my artwork! We’ve actually been working on this project for some time but because of Covid, it got stalled. Now we’re back into the process and I hope before the end of 2022, a beautiful book of my paintings will finally be available! I will announce it here and on my linktree.

1/20/22; ABOUT MY NFT’S:

NFT fine art is a new way for people to legally own and enjoy artwork, including my work. NFT Digital art frames are popping up on the net. You can display your NFT paintings like moving digital prints in these digital frames. The prices are going down, and eventually, many people will have their  NFT collections displayed in rotation on digital frames on their walls, phones, or anywhere digital imagery can be displayed! I think that’s pretty cool!

WHY PAY FOR A NFT’s? Sure, you can download any artists’ work off the net to use any way you want. However, you don’t own it. The NFT Blockchain guarantees your ownership in the same way that a certificate of ownership guarantees your ownership of an original painting or fine reproduction. ( My NFT’s are very high resolution.) I won’t get into the point that Artists should be paid for their efforts. So please download and enjoy if you can’t afford my art prints! 👍) I’ve been saying that since day1 back in 1994 when I put up my first website, The Vomitus Maximus Museum.

I’ve seen my work displayed in a digital format for decades. But back in the 1990s, digital artwork was a new thing,  just like NFT’s are now. It was misunderstood then like NFT’s are now. In 1993 my friend Myles Anderson introduced me to the Internet and helped me show my paintings on one of the first websites ever on the World Wide Web. My current website (the one you were on now) went live on December 12, 1994. Back then,  the web was as new as the NFTs are today!

MY NFT’s ARE NOT BIG ENERGY WASTERS! The first ART NFT’s used vast amounts of energy because of the Cryptocurrency Ethereum. My NFT’s do not use the Ethereum blockchain. We only use the new blockchains and forms of cryptocurrency that do not have a heavy environmental impact. My NFT’s use 1/1000th of the energy of Ethereum! If you purchase one of my NFT’s, you’re using less energy than it takes for me to produce and ship a limited edition signed print to your location.

If collecting NFT’s is something you might be interested in, please check my linktree periodically and watch for my collectible and affordable NFT drops! (an NFT DROP is the same as a release of limited artworks.) Coming soon will be a unique drop where I will be giving away free prints of the actual NFT that you buy, free! Also coming soon are  NFT ANIMATIONS of my work which I find pretty dang exciting! 🙌🤩🙌


I fear that the creatures I paint will become only a memory of a  time on Earth when life was plentiful and still mysterious. If we do not find a way to head off the coming Climate catastrophes, our planet could become a desert. Years ago, I began to see that human overpopulation is the root cause of problems so severe that they threaten the existence of all life on our planet, including human life.

As a species, we have committed the sin of short-sighted behavior on a grand scale for centuries. As a result, we have overrun the planet. Now, in the last few decades, the consequences of our consumption are paying off in unprecedented extinctions. Lifeforms are threatened that we are inextricably linked with and depend upon through subtle symbiotic relationships within our planet’s fragile ecosystems.

This inspires me to look inward. It is my nature to respond by creating my own worlds filled with life. I have considered painting the dead worlds I see coming. However, painting for me is the ultimate joy. I don’t want to defile my pictures with death and ugliness. The daily news will supply plenty of that.

I despair that our planet loses up to 100 species every day. When I was young, wildlife was plentiful and abundant, at least, compared to today. My paintings are my sanctuary and my way of remembering how things were. My work is a tribute to life as it was before these great extinctions began.   I create lush and thriving worlds in the shadow of a dying planet. I hope my work can encourage and uplift those disheartened by the climate crisis. However, creating a memory of when our world was stable is not much more than self-indulgence. This is our greatest challenge since the ascendancy of humanity.